Dearest students,

There are many online dictionaries for our use anytime anywhere provided that we have internet connection. One of them is (pronouced al-ma’aniy). It is easy to use. If you know how to search in google, in sha Allah you can use this dictionary… Just insert the word and … search!

Oh ya… if you want to search an Arabic word, let say السمك, search for سمك, and omit ال. Remember ال  means “the”. The dictionary will give you some definitions, check for the tasykil. Different tasykil leads to different meaning.


If you don’t have Arabic keyboard, don’t worry. The Online Arabic Keyboard is provided.


Alright… I hope you can try this out. Try to look for the definition of the following words:

  • عَنْكَبُوت
  • عُطْلَة
  • صَيّب

Now, I hope you can share any online dictionary that you like to use with your friends. Thanks for reading. Jazaakumullah Khayran.


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