Topics List

Manners in Seeking Knowledge
Manners when reading the Quran
Prostrations of reading
Basmalah & Isti’azah
Levels of recitation
Principles of Tajweed
Errors in pronounciation
The Alif Lam of the definite article
The lam of the verb, noun and particle
Tafkhim & Tarqiq
Izhaar Waajib & Izhaar Mutlaq
Al-Ikhfaa’ Ash-Shafawee
Al-Idghaam Al-Mithlayn
Al-Ith-haar Ash-Shafawee
Wajib Al-Ghunnah
The Natural Lengthening
The Lesser Connecting Medd
The Subtitute Medd
The Secondary Medd
The Medd Caused by the Hamzah
The Exchanged Medd
The Join Required Medd
The Separated Allowed Medd
The Greater Connecting Medd
Medd Caused by Sukoon
The Presented Sukoon Medd
The Leen Medd
The Compulsory Medd

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