Topics List

Manners in Seeking Knowledge

Manners when reading the Quran

Prostrations of reading

Basmalah & Isti’azah

  1. Seeking refuge with Allah | Sister in Hijab
  2. Seeking refuge and saying the Basmalah | About Tajweed
  3. Isti’atha before reciting the Quran, Tajweed Lessons | Learn Tajweed in English

Levels of recitation

Principles of Tajweed

Errors in pronounciation

Mad Badal

Mad Tamkin

Mad Farq

Mad Lazim Kalimi Muthaqqal

Mad Lazim Kalimi Muthaqqal & Mukhaffaf

Mad Lazim Harfi Muthaqqal & Mukhaffaf

Tafkhim & Tarqiq

Al-Ikhfaa’ Ash-Shafawee

Al-Idghaam Al-Mithlayn

Al-Ith-haar Ash-Shafawee


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